GSoC’17-Week #3

- Aniketh Girish


Here we are at the 3rd week of the official coding period and after completing one of the remarkable milestones in GSoC'17, the first Evaluation. And yes, I successfully, passed the First evaluation. Yay!! :P

The feedback I got from the community and my mentors are inspiring and I'm grateful to them for giving such a feedback and giving an opportunity to make a difference in the things which I am involved into. And the help they provide makes my life easier :)

But sadly, for me University classes started and I was running around for the last few days here and there to gets things done, Had to travel quite a lot. That's why I could make much movement into the project for the last few days as expected. But no problems, Since all the things are now settled, I can convert some time into working hours.

Till now, the UI which we decided to get our content downloader is being created. Since I had to align every object in an organized and continuous manner, I have planned to include every item into grids, vertical boxes, and horizontal box. This will give us much more freedom to move around in the UI as well as it gives us the look and feel we desire to have and the UI doesn't seem to be congested as well.

After some tweaks and work on the UI, it looks like this at the moment. It not done yet. But yeah, almost completed and I will be getting it done by this week for sure.

Since the vertical layout inside the main grid is aligned incorrectly at the moment. I have found a method to get the alignment properly. If I get stuck, then my mentors and my community are the GOTO people for this :D. They are so helpful that I can ask anything without worrying much about it.

According to the UI, we have decided to get the Resources inside the bundle we download. I haven't got an idea about it since most the items in that aren't Resource bundles alone. So the resources section could only show items inside certain data. Again here another problem occurs, KNS gets the items archived. So at the moment, we cannot get the items inside the bundle to be shown without unarchiving the data too. There is a method to get the items unarchived, but not sure if we can only access the items inside the data after download or what. Will have to check that out and will get back to my team for that.

Plans for Week #4

  • Get the UI done.
  • Since some of the documentation is left, complete that as soon as possible.
  • Start working on the UI for Resource Manager and start fixing bugs if possible.

Other plans

  • I was thinking of creating a progress bar for the downloader, to track the transfer of data from the site.

Will think about it, if there is time after getting our priorities done.

Here is my branch were all the work I am done is going to.

Will be back with more updates later next week.

Cheers :)