GSoC’17-Week #5

- Aniketh Girish


Hey people,

The second phase of Google summer of code evaluation is near!!. And I have started to work on the second part of my project. That is, I have completed the first part of my project. Yeayy!

What's on hand right now?

Started working on the Bundle Manager, creating the UI which was decided to be done. Creating addition features like deleting the bundles created and creating a search functionality too at the moment.

Deleting the bundles

In Krita, we cannot delete the bundle created just like that. The Bundles created are saved as the KisResource in a QList. We have to remove it from that list, then obviously, we have to remove it from the list widget where this bundle is shown. Then we have to BlackList the file. Then from there, we can remove the blacklisted bundles as we empty a recycle bin ;).

Searching the bundles.

I was reading the code of tag management most of the time, So I haven't gone deep, this week coding. Other than these two functionalities. But I have a mere idea how to do this, Since this is a QList, I would think of implementing some search algorithms based on the bundle's name. Or else, I will be tracing a way out using Hashing method.

I was reading the code for the tagging management and have to look out for things which need fixes. After understanding the codebase I will start implementing features and fixing bugs.

Planned works for next week.

  • Get Second phase review done.
  • Implement features/fix bugs of Tag management.
  • Fix bugs/Implement features of Resource Manager.
  • Document/test if necessary.
  • Get more inputs on the tag management from the community.

Hope to hack in again in better ways.