GSoC’17-Week #6

- Aniketh Girish


Hello folks,

It's already week 6 of GSoC coding period and through all the way, it was really a great learning experience. Couldn't even notice how fast time flew by. Here, I'm after 2 days of GSoC Second evaluation result published, and yes, I got passed!! the second evaluation too :)

Me after seeing GSoC second evaluation result.  :P

Till now, what all have I done?

I will just give an overview of what all I have worked on during the past few weeks. The main aim of the project was to integrate share. with our Krita application. It should have the ability to download the items from the site directly into default folders of the resources we choose to download. So, I created a widget content_downloader widget to perform all sorts of functionalities we needed to get from the downloader. The functions like download then install and to perform uninstall the items downloaded were added. Then search functionality,  different ways to filter resources using the categories and order by method too. Used KRating API to rate the items showed inside the content downloader. Also, small functionalities like, Description viewer as labels and printing out certain data like the author and all as well were added.

Then we created the content_downloader_dialog class to group all the content_downloader widget functionality into a single package so that we are able to call the whole functionality just as we create a class object.

Next, we had planned the UI for our downloader and had a wireframe or it, created by Scott Petrovic. We at first used a mock-up UI to get things done. Now we have changed the mockup and implemented the wireframe we had decided on. As other Addons, I have created a progress-bar which depicts the progress of the current process on what the downloader is doing alone with labels showing what the downloader is doing in the mean time.

All are done under MVC architecture and this helped me a lot for understanding core concepts of MVC architecture as well as the object oriented concepts as well.

After this was done, I started to work on the Resource Manager/ Bundle Manager, on fixing certain bugs adding most relevant features into the resource manager. Feature for deleting the bundles have been created. As well as searching for the bundles have been created.

I have been working on the UI for the Resource Manager as well, It's almost done and needs some touch ups. As talking about the UI of the Resource Manager, I have made the ListWidget, that is, the bundle items in the resource manager to be checkable items as well.

Next, I have started to document the functionalities and certain tests are still to be done, will be moving on with it this week mostly. Also, as suggestions from my mentor and community, I will be working on the certain parts of tagging manager as well.

Places where I thought I will focus on:

  • Missing blacklisting for tags.
  • Work around for tagging multiple resources at the one go.

Plans for next week

  • Get finished with the documentation part.
  • Complete the UI for the Resource Manager.
  • Fix the small UI glitch in the content downloader.
  • Start working out the plans created for the tagging management.

All the Blog posts till now related to GSoC'17:

Here is my branch were all the work I am done is going to.

Will be back with more updates later next week.

Cheers <3