Hi, I’m Aniketh Girish

I’m a Final year bachelor student at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, working on Internet protocols, security and privacy. My research interests lie in the intersection of systems and networks in the broadest sense with a particular focus on QoE, security, privacy, measurement and deployment of Internet protocols.

I spend most of my time in amFOSS advised by Vipin P. amFOSS, a student-run community where like-minded people gather together to learn, solve and have tonnes of fun working on computer science problems and on exciting projects.

I have been a Google Summer of Code student twice with KDE in 2017 and GNU Linux in 2018. As a Google summer of code project in 2018, I implemented DNS over HTTPS into GNU Wget2 resolvers. Being an open-source fanatic, My bachelor thesis which comprises of a QoE study to see if QUIC-enabled video yields to perceivable differences or not. Hence, to bring perceivable differences in streaming with QUIC, introducing a custom version of QUIC which reduces HoL blocking and significantly more. All this into VLC, nevertheless! Moreover, I’m working on an implementation of Record Layer separation in gnuTLS to serve as QUIC TLS API.

I have been lucky to collaborate with awesome researchers around the globe. Tijay, Hajime being the few of them. Thankyou for being the wonderful mentors :)

More Details are in my CV. Detailed description of my interest could be found in here.

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  • I attended TMA(Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference) 2020, remotely.
  • Our paper that studied the email PKI ecosystem (DANE) has been accepted at USENIX Security 2020!
  • I will be speaking at Akademy’19 at Milan, Italy.
  • I will be interning at IIJ Innovation Institute in Tokyo, Japan this summer.